Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Welcome to a new year in Room 1!

Dear children, parents, caregivers, and whanau,

Firstly, welcome to a new year in Room 1. My name is James Arnold and I'm the teacher in your child's class. I've been teaching for 5 years now (all at West End School). Over the summer holidays, my son was born! His name is Jude and he wasn't very big at all when he was born... only 6 pounds 3 ounces. Even though he doesn't weigh much, he is quite tall and he has BIG feet. Here is a photo of Jude...

What were your holiday highlights?

I can't wait to meet all of you this morning!

Mr Arnold


  1. Jude is very cute! My holiday highlight was feeding stingrays out from the beach at Tatapouri near Gisborne. It was a little scary as some of them were as big as a table! I took my phone out to take photos and tripped in a hole on the rocky shore - I dropped my new iPhone in the sea! But I found out it was waterproof!

    1. Room 1 is VERY glad that your phone is still working :)

  2. That Is Such A Cute Baby! :) -Joshua B

  3. hi its fotu with maryann. first jude is so cute
    and i'm loving room 1s blog, i really miss you as my teacher and i miss rm one

  4. Hi, I am Haya.Jude is so cute😃. I really miss you Mr Arnold and I am having Fun at P.N.I.N.S